The future of media planning

Over the past decade, the media planning landscape has dramatically shifted. I’ve broken down two trends that I believe will be crucial for marketers in order to maximize return on investment for their clients.

Programmatic Planning and Buying

Programmatic platforms have proven that they can not only do the job of a media planner and buyer but do it more effectively than the majority of professional marketers. When you add in artificial intelligence, like that on Google’s Adwords platform, the return on investment and cost of acquisition reduces drastically over a large period of time.

I foresee that programmatic will continue to change the ad buying landscape, especially for TV adverts. Google seemingly agrees, “While this traditional TV buying and selling model has worked for decades, it’s not without its inefficiencies. Chief among them is the fact that many of the interactions that occur are manual: requests for proposals, insertion orders, and ad trafficking, not to mention the endless emails, spreadsheets, and even faxes.” (Ng. R and Kattukaran. A, Page 3, Evolution of TV Programming, 2015)

But one area that programmatic providers will have to address for marketers to fully adopt their platforms is the rampant fraud in the industry. As per a 2016 study by Cowen and Company, senior ad buyers’ biggest obstacles were fraud, lack of transparency when reporting data, and ad blockers in general.

Image Control

Although selecting where instream ads display have been best practices for a long time, I foresee that PR and Communications professionals will work with digital ad planners in a more cohesive way to ensure that their adverts are displaying on appropriate outlets and at the appropriate times. In hopes to avoid situations, like the one below or this selection from Business Insider, so brands aren’t advertising at an inappropriate time.


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