On page Optimization

This is all about making your site awesome. It can range from improving meta descriptions to creating awesome content. It might even involve CSS and Schema Markup to maximize optimizations for visitors and machines.

Ghostwriting and Blogging

High-quality content is king and context is queen is Google's eyes. Through blogging and ghostwriting, it is possible to create timely and highly shareable content, helping ensure that you are an authority.

Off Page Optimization

This can range from classic public relations initiatives to get you mentioned in the media to white-hat backlink techniques to improve your backlink profile. This is one of my strongest skills and where I have experienced most success in my career.


Affordable and Professional

It's tough hiring a freelancer. 99% of the time if you don't invest a lot of money, you can end up in a bad situation with subpar work and black-hat techniques. And even if you do invest a lot of money, you can still not see results.

Instead, settle for somebody who is results-oriented. With a sliding fee structure to match.

Trusted By Business Leaders across B.C.

My services have been specifically requested by business leaders including Darian Kovacs and Stephen Chow. They chose me as their freelance writer because they saw the value that I provided them. Thanks to my work, they have been featured in Forbes, continued to grow their business, and built their profiles as industry experts.


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