Draw a pen portrait and offer examples of how you would target this segment through different media.

Name: Phyllis Emerald

Age: 62

Sex: Female

Description: Phyllis is a mature female who has been married for fourty years. She lives in a single-family detached home, where she raised her two children, in Vancouver’s suburbs.

Motivated by: retirement, gardening, home decor, a luxurious lifestyle, celebrities from her era.

Beliefs: politically conservative, religious although not devout, dismayed by the news but reads local newspapers and magazines, believes that she deserves to enjoy her life after decades of working hard. Believes younger generations are entitled.

How she interact with brands: local and community news, researches via Google, might follow brands on Facebook, community events, chooses brick and mortar stores over online shopping, watches tv daily, purchases magazines weekly while food shopping.



When establishing which channel is best for targeting Phyllis, there are three important factors that must be considered; the lifespan of an advert, what has worked historically, and the overall aim of the media plan. However, the last consideration is not always easy to quantify as noted by Helen Katz, “Perhaps it was the concurrent TV or print advertising that caused it. Or possibly it was the absence of its competitor, Revlon, on the air during the same time period. Or maybe it was the efforts of all the independent beauty consultants that helped sales…everybody wants to take credit.” (Katz.H, 2017. Pg 44 The Media Handbook)

According to Mintel’s trend report “Click and Connect: What it means to Seniors“, whether they are retired or working, seniors will seek a social aspect to their lives and this is something that shops, eating and leisure venues can tap into by hosting or sponsoring senior gathering events.

With this information in mind, if I was the media buyer for La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries, I would target this segment through Facebook advertisements for in-store events, through advertorial-style columns in home decor magazines, and through PR campaigns that focus on improving life for older generations.


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